Wild Web CubToken Introductory (an experiment in decentralization)

Perrie Research

Fun Meme Development!

Hi, my name is Perrie; who I am doesn’t matter. I will give you a quick review. I have been an independent researcher of cryptocurrency for five years. The origins of decentralized communities have always piqued my interest.

Particularly to how they are founded and how essentially no name addresses guide them. Can they grow from nothing into a valuable continuum in the same way we see BTC or DOGE with no central figure or organizational custody?

So when we designed the CUBTOKEN experiment, our goal was straightforward: to have fun pioneering a truly decentralized community-driven experiment. We have created a distribution of ownership from day 1. Meaning that even if my CubTeam and I have to run CubDrop (airdrop) campaigns with our dev pool tokens to zero, we will work to grow our community.

You Might Want To Know:

I, Perrie, spent 0 on the project not because I’m poor, but because CUBT is really a FUN web 3.0 experiment backed by a growing community. Donations in the form of Eth go to the developers. We want to know how a non-important token will be developed into an important token.

Since I spend 0 on the project, any CubToken I own has to be bought like anybody else. So those would be my token, not the team, not the devs, but my tokens same as everybody else.

Since we are just starting and I am just some volunteer, we can’t pay anybody in $ETH or $CUBT for influence or exchange listing. We are still waiting on our first Etherscan application update to complete! We are Shiny and New!

The CubToken project is an experiment in decentralized spontaneous community building. The team and admin are all volunteers here. For “Operation Trust”(the community trust-building campaign), the devs have locked nearly 75% of the existing supply into the contract. We have no bucket of tokens or funds to pay to anybody or anything. Suppose you would like to help the project you certainly can. We will love to work with you. Together we can find a way to make supporting efforts the most valuable. We are fascinated by the potential growth continuum of our completely decentralized CubToken Project. Happy Hibernating!

NFT’s ARE COMING! We have loads of original content lined up for the web!

Pre ICO? ICO? Did Dogecoin have an ICO? We have options.

So that is where we are now, already the telegram community has 246+ members. Our Twitter has almost 2k followers. Famous people like us.

We have an incredible volunteer CubTeam! Interestingly, we know we are sitting in the middle of a coin hype market just waiting on the Etherscan update process to complete. I don’t think crypto is meant for trading indefinitely. I believe it is intended to be a fun collection of digital value to be passed on for generations to come. We have our community’s best interest at heart; the proof is in the chain.

We invite all suggestions, interesting devs, and supporters to email us at Support@CubToken.com.

So what can you do to help CubToken?

  • 1)If you have a platform (influencer), you can speak about CubToken
  • 2)If you are a listing person from an exchange, you can list CubToken
  • 3) If you want to assist with the core growth of the CubToken project, or be more involved in marketing, run new channels, then email and ask for cub hoover.
  • 4)We 100% invite ideas to increase trust and transparency for the project
This is a still picture of the CubToken’s first Bear Market Meme, Happy Hibernating! :)
This is a still picture of the CubToken’s first Bear Market Meme, Happy Hibernating! :)

To Be Clear:

  • I am a volunteer with the team and do not take investments!
  • CubTeam does not take investments. However, you are more than welcome to assist us with paying listing fees; we can help you direct your resources.
  • I do not have any tokens to give. Do not ask for a chunk of the coin! I have no currency. CubToken’s community, devs, and marketers understand the importance of the longevity of our project.
  • CubTeam Volunteers are not many; we are small starting, rescuing cubs as they become holders. So if you want to make suggestions to help us grow, we invite you to show us what you got! (email CubTeam at Support@CubToken.com)

Perrie Kitching “wild web CubToken introductory.”

Music produced by multi-platinum music producer Michael Buckholtz and founding volunteer of The Decentralized Cubtoken Experimental Project!